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96%VideoJan 2014

Dutch Marines storm cargo ship

(3:39) May 2010: Dutch Marines board a hijacked German cargo ship off the coast of Somalia.


95%VideoDec 2012

Blue Marlin Dockwise, the mother of all ships

(1:31) Blue Marlin Dockwise heavy-lift ship arrives at Rotterdam, Netherlands, carrying 'Dutch' barges from China.


95%VideoApr 2011

Oil tanker in a big storm

(3:33) A Croatian oil tanker braves anger in the Pacific. Strange choice of music to accompany the cruise of a lifetime.


95%VideoOct 2012

Landing on a Russian aircraft carrier POV

(3:44) Onboard a Russian MiG 29 jet fighter as it makes rendezvous with an aircraft carrier.


95%VideoOct 2013

Fishermen relax during heavy weather

(0:52) Fishing crew relax below decks with a spot of TV as their ship battles mountainous seas.


95%VideoMar 2012

When ships collide

(1:11) October 2010: CCTV captures huge bulk carrier 'Grand Rodosi' crashing into the side of tuna boat 'Apollo S' moored at the wharf in Port Lincoln, South Australia.


94%VideoMay 2011

Helicopter lands on a moving ship

(2:25) Test landing a Lynx helicopter on a heaving ship in heavy weather.


94%VideoJun 2007

7.30 Report: Front fell off

(2:02) John Clarke and Bryan Dawe's satirical take on events.


94%VideoJul 2013

LEGO steampunk walking ship

(4:03) Inspired by Theo Jansen's Strandbeest walking sculptures, Jasson Allermann built the LEGO steampunk walking ship.

94%VideoAug 2013

Container ship time-lapse at Rotterdam

(5:32) MS-Renata delivers containers to different bays at Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Europe's biggest port.