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PictureFeb 2007

USS Honolulu at the Arctic Circle

Polar bears investigate submarine

PictureNov 2006

Private Russian sub

Personal transport for St Petersburg citizen

VideoFeb 2009

Inside HMS Vengeance, deeply controversial nuclear sub

Royal Navy show-off a boat that has enough nuclear power to take the world back to the middle ages


VideoOct 2005

Iron dolphin

Amphibious craft mimicks nature

VideoJan 2015

Balance in a submarine rising at 29 degrees

(0:43) Submariners pose for a picture.


PictureMay 2006

Swedish underground naval base

Swedes take a leaf from Bond

VideoSep 2010

Japanese anti-submarine warfare&#65279; made simple

Japanese military show off their anti-submarine strategy to the public. Is this the Japanese being weird again, or a clever recruitment tactic by showing how much fun war can be?


VideoSep 2015

Russian Navy officers test polar waters

(2:04) Somewhere near the North Pole, officers from a Russian submarine go for an invigorating swim.


VideoFeb 2009

Submarine performs an emergency blow

The emergency blow activator, or 'chicken switch' immediately blasts large volumes of compressed air into all of a submarine's ballast tanks, bringing the boat to the surface as quickly as possible


PictureApr 2008

Russian sub stalks the beach

Nude bathing deterrent was taken to extremes