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97%VideoMay 2017

Outstanding elephant on the loose

(1:42) Emergency call about an elephant, like the ones in the circus.


93%VideoJan 2016

Weed dealers get high and call the cops

(3:20) Rexburg, Idaho. A 911 call leaves many shaking their heads in disbelief.


92%VideoAug 2007

Outstanding elephants

Elephant walkabout


89%VideoFeb 2009

Desperate 911 call as chimp attacks caller's friend

Friend torn apart by jealous primate Travis, who had a weird relationship with his owner that was closer than some married couples


89%SoundJul 2009

911 McNuggets call

A woman calls emergency over a McDonalds order


89%VideoJul 2009

Girl arrested for swearing on 911 call

17-year-old Adrainne Ledesma called 911 after her father had a stroke. The operator's response was unexpected. Not the LPPD's finest hour. Nominated by Martin


88%VideoMar 2009

Man calls 911 after Burger King runs out of lemonade

Jean Fortune unhappy with his order because Boynton Beach runs dry. He was later issued with a notice by police to appear in court


88%VideoApr 2013

Little girl talks to 911

(3:41) 5-year-old Savannah takes control when her father collapses with chest pains.

88%VideoOct 2017

Woman calls 911 and pretends to order pizza

(1:00) Based on a real 911 emergency phone call.

87%SoundJul 2007

Real 911 call

Road kill fights back