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93%VideoMay 2013

Tornado survivor admits she's an atheist

(0:31) Moment of levity in Oklahoma after the devastating tornado, when Wolf Blitzer, concluding an interview with a woman who survived, asked if she thanked the Lord for a decision she made that saved her life.


93%VideoMay 2018

Jordan Peterson: Atheists deep down do believe in god

(7:50) David Pakman discusses Jordan Peterson's claim that atheists do believe in god, so deep down they don't even know it.


92%VideoSep 2006

Jeremy Paxman interviews Richard Dawkins

(9:00) Jeremy Paxman talks to wound-up scientist Richard Dawkins.


92%VideoSep 2014

Richard Dawkins responds to William Lane Craig

(3:21) From a debate "Does the universe have a purpose?" in Mexico in 2009.

92%VideoJun 2012

Sam Harris - Death and the present moment

(56:31) Brilliant and thought-provoking talk that will put you into a trance, literally. It's almost an hour long but well worth it.


92%VideoMay 2012

The Amazing Atheist - Why I'm an atheist

(8:09) The Amazing Atheist discusses some of the reasons why religion's not for him.


92%VideoAug 2006


Bible deems godless as fools


91%SoundDec 2010

Amazonian tribe convert Christian Missionary

The tables turn on Christian missionary Daniel Everett, when on a mission to convert the Piraha tribe of Brazil. Excerpt from his book, Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes.


91%VideoFeb 2011

The Atheist Experience asks: Why are you a Christian?

(15:01) Matt Dillahunty and Jeff Dee eloquently and powerfully express their views to an unprepared Christian who began by suggesting they would burn in Hell. So many soundbites from Matt Dillahunty as he delivers his epic rant. Nicely wound up with a message from George Carlin.


91%VideoOct 2007

Hannity's America - Christopher Hitchens

Hitchens speaks about his book 'God is not Great'