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VideoSep 2005

Stupid bank robber

Confused crook's foiled escape


VideoJul 2020

CNBC | Will printing trillions of dollars cause inflation?

(10:42) Central banks and governments around the world have injected huge sums of stimulus money into the economy at record pace.

FEATURED Virgin Money InteractiveJun 2006

Bank rage

Swing into action and do the damage

PictureJan 2009

Strange deposit at the ATM

Using the flexible friend


VideoFeb 2013

Senator Elizabeth Warren's first Banking Committee Hearing

(7:39) Senior US Senator from Massachusetts and Democratic Elizabeth Warren quizzes the banking panel over the last time a major Wall Street bank was taken to trial.


VideoAug 2019

The Economist | What does a cashless future mean?

(5:21) The move towards a cashless society is well under way.

VideoSep 2008

Two guys console each other during live Lehman Bros report

Sal the Stockbroker and Richard Christy play a prank on national TV


SoundJan 2010

Billy Bragg sets up Facebook campaign against RBS bonuses

Singer and activist Billy Bragg speaks to Paddy O'Connell on Radio 2 about withholding his tax to protest the bonuses paid at state owned Royal Bank of Scotland. Heather McGregor weighs in to defend the bankers. If you want to threaten to withdraw your income tax, find out how here.


VideoNov 2009

Bank robber eats the evidence

Ohio police believe they have their man. But they fear their suspected bank robber may have eaten some of the evidence - the holdup note demanding cash - all while handcuffed and leaning over the hood of a police cruiser (21 November 2009).


VideoJun 2016

Matt Damon slams Trump and bankers at MIT speech

(2:54) Clip from Matt Damon's 2016 MIT Commencement Address.