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VideoApr 2014

Jackie Chan chopsticks portrait by REDhongyi

(2:15) Chinese artist/architect Red Hong Yi creates a portrait of Jackie Chan, rendered with 64,000 chopsticks, for his 60th birthday.

VideoSep 2012

How one man spent his 22nd birthday

(3:28) On his 22nd birthday, instead of throwing a party, Aaez Raza decided to do 22 random acts of kindness.


VideoSep 2011

Freddie Mercury's official 65th birthday video

(5:25) Happy birthday Freddie, the Champion. Dead and gone? I don't think so. Created for Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday on Sep 5, 2011.


VideoNov 2007

Dogs ruin birthday

Little girl's party wrecked by Boston Terriers


VideoMar 2008

Erbert and Gerbert's candle cannon

Restaurateurs celebrate 20 years of business by building the world's largest and most powerful air vortex cannons to blow out their candles


VideoMar 2008

Scientologists celebrate Tom Cruise's birthday

Sect spend six figures to celebrate the Cruiseologists birthday in 2004, while at the same time denying that he has any other involvement in the church other than being merely a humble parishioner


Dominos Pizza VideoJul 2007

Spoilt girl's birthday spoilt by wrong colour

Princess doesn't like her present

VideoApr 2011

Denis Matsuev plays Happy Birthday

Russian virtuoso pianist Denis Matsuev reinterprets Happy Birthday to the delight of the audience


VideoNov 2008

Sharky's 3rd birthday

Rooster entertains Sharky the Pitbull with a cock dance


VideoOct 2010

Wynton Marsalis Septet - Happy Birthday

If it's your birthday today, then this is for you. Wynton Marsalis Septet burst into Happy Birthday for their pianist, Marcus Roberts.