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86%VideoJan 2011

Egypt, a nation forced offline

The Egyptian government has taken an unprecedented action, shutting down nearly all internet and mobile access into an out of the country. Egypt did not just put up a firewall for its 80 million citizens, it has forced networks completely offline. The only internet activity remaining is of the Egyptian stock exchange and some government departments.


86%AnimationNov 2011

Protect IP Act is now being voted on in Congress

The Protect IP Act was introduced on May 12, 2011 and is now moving through Congress. Congressional hearings began on November 16, 2011 for Protect IP Act and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), a counterpart to Protect IP Act.


86%VideoAug 2018

TYT | Alex Jones suspended from Twitter for inciting violence

(10:45) Will a week's suspension from Twitter change Alex Jones?

85%PictureNov 2011

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) infographic

This bill, along with Protect IP Act are currently being debated and voted on in Congress. These bills have alarmed many major US technology companies including Google, Facebook, Mozilla, AOL and Zynga who have all signed a letter to US senators on the matter.


84%VideoJan 2009

Obama speech censored on live Chinese TV

President silenced after 20 seconds into his speech by the broadcasters due to the mention of communism and corruption


81%VideoSep 2009

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

Jimmy Kimmel Live


77%VideoSep 2007

Fox censor Sally Field at Emmys

Best drama actress winner silenced on Iraq

76%VideoJul 2008

Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship - Sesame Street

Bleeping out the inoffensive


54%VideoMay 2016

Salman Rushdie: Violent mutations of Islam are still Islam

(5:49) British Indian author Salman Rushdie on the worrying trend to censor religious criticism.


42%VideoFeb 2008

YouTube freezes anti-Scientology clips

Cyber activists I-Power uncover massive censorship!