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95%SoundOct 2012

Please move the deer crossings!

(3:52) From the nation that got us to Mars. After three accidents involving deer, a woman calls a radio station to complain about the positioning of deer crossings.


95%VideoSep 2009

Obama calls Kanye West a jackass

President Barack Obama calls Kanye West a 'jackass' for his outburst at the VMAs when Taylor Swift won best female video over Beyonce (15/09/09)


93%VideoMay 2011

Sean Lock on people who complain about TV

(1:38) British comedian Sean Lock thinks people who complain about television are nuts.


93%Aug 2009

Passenger complains to Virgin after bad culinary experience

Tongue-in-cheek email sent to Richard Branson over an in-flight arrgie about a bagi.


93%SoundOct 2009

Customer complains about Asda's 'no topping' pizza

Asda service team tries to solve pizza problem bought in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales


91%SoundOct 2009

Real school answer-machine message from Australia

How to communicate with the school childrens' parents


90%SoundSep 2006

Argos hit my cat

Irate caller to sue catalogue shopping giant


89%Oct 2002

Bizarre complaints

86%VideoMay 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009 - Mother in law takes to the stage

Martin's angry mother-in-law gives Simon Cowell a piece of her mind


80%VideoDec 2011

Problems American teenagers have to deal with after Christmas

(13:54) "It's the thought that counts" so the saying goes, but how does that work with people who can't think? American teenagers who complain they didn't get an iPhone, or whatever, get a slapping by TJ, aka he Amazing Atheist.