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VideoNov 2020

NowThis | Dying Covid-19 patients who don't believe the virus is real

(4:40) South Dakota nursetells of many patients who insist the virus isn't real, despite their own diagnoses.

VideoSep 2007

David Lynch ponders 9/11 conspiracy theory

Many questions and no answers

VideoMar 2020

TYT | Crackpot Dr Fauci conspiracy theories

(12:41) Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


VideoNov 2003

Solved mysteries - Big Foot

VideoAug 2016

The truth behind chemtrails

(4:06) John Iadarola looks at a recent study where atmospheric experts were asked for evidence of chemtrails.

VideoNov 2010

Richard Feynman on the likelyhood of flying saucers

(1:04) You'd expect Richard Feynman to be a sceptic, that's what science is about. Here he gives his preferred explanation for reports of flying saucers.


VideoNov 2020

All Gas No Brakes | Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team

(8:02) Bigfoot hunting from a forest outing in Remer, Minnesota.


VideoMar 2020

Birds Aren't Real, campaign to expose government surveillance program

(4:01) Interview with "Birds Aren't Real" movement member, Peter McIndoe.


VideoMay 2009

China's space walk fake!

Astronaut's 'small step' hailed as a giant leap or was it splash for the motherland, as the conspiracy theories begin to bubble up


AnimationMar 2005

Chicken on a mission

Scheming a conspiracy against you