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88%VideoJan 2016

Icebreaker chases a crowd

(0:53) Opening shots from Peter von Bagh's 2008 documentary "Helsinki Forever".

88%VideoNov 2016

Jimmy Dore remembers Bernie at the Democratic National Convention

(6:18) What could have been.


88%VideoMar 2017

Waiting for the wave

(1:51) Wave pool in Chengdu, China.


88%VideoAug 2017

Morning rush hour in Japan's busiest underground station

(1:30) 30 minutes of morning rush hour at Shinagawa Station in Tokyo.

88%VideoNov 2017

What an AI computer sees

(3:53) Computer vision system takes a stroll through Times Square.


88%VideoNov 2010

Black Friday, doors open

Embarrassed to be human. A tsunami of greedy shoppers flow through the aisles, clamouring over each other in the hunt for shit made no better by being cheaper. Is this what we strive for, what we work so hard for?


87%VideoFeb 2010

Kurt Cobain gets beaten up

In a classic moment of gigging history, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain gets beaten up by a bouncer who's there to protect him


87%VideoNov 2011

Warsaw riots filmed with RC helicopter

Riot in Polish capital, Warsaw on Independence Day 2011. Now you know what a riot looks like from a police helicopter.


87%VideoDec 2011

Japanese hooligans think different

How to be a hooligan. After Japan beat Denmark in the World Cup 2010, noisy fans politely filled the streets of Tokyo. There is much to learn from the Japanese mob.


87%VideoAug 2012

Train overcrowding in Bangladesh

(1:21) Commuting in Bangladesh, happier than you might expect.