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PictureMay 2006

Impeach Bush

Last ditch attempt to challenge president

VideoFeb 2014

Pussy Riot get whipped in Sochi

(8:36) Uniformed Cossacks attacked members of protest group Pussy Riot with pepper spray and horse whips when the band turned up in Sochi to record a music video.


PictureFeb 2006


Cartoon controversy exposes confused extremists


VideoNov 2020

Trump supporters protest at counting centres in Arizona and Detroit

(1:17) Donald Trump supporters rallied in Phoenix chanting "count the votes". In Detroit Trump supporters chanted "stop the count".


VideoJun 2020

Kyle Kulinski | How UK police deescalate a dangerous situation

(7:59) The difference between US and UK police in dealing with a dangerous situation.

VideoApr 2010

Raging Tea-bagger: Death to the commies!

War veteran and Tea Party supporter is asked about government healthcare. His response is passionate, with a few death threats thrown in for good measure.


PictureJan 2011

Unrest in Egypt

One week on and there is no sign of the riots abating, in fact the opposite


VideoAug 2020

The Rational National | Kenosha police caught working with white militia

(10:21) Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin were caught on-camera helping a white militia deal with protestors.

VideoNov 2012

White supremacists face an overwhelming force of clowns

(1:59) Fighting racism with humour, is this the way to go?

VideoOct 2018

Hundreds of thousands attend People's Vote march

(0:41) Over 600,000 people rallied in central London to call for a referendum on the final Brexit deal.