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VideoAug 2019

Extinction Rebellion | If we don't work together, we die together

(17:21) Extinction Rebellion cofounder Roger Hallam outlines the group's plans for October Rebellion.

PictureDec 2007

Riot police protect granny

Neighbourhood Watch had its risks


VideoJun 2009

Neda, innocent girl shot by Basij during Iranian protests

Warning: Graphic content. As the protests against the Iranian election results continue, an innocent bystander is killed by a gunshot directly to her heart. She died within two minutes. Perhaps a turning point in this uprising of people power in Iran.


SoundJan 2010

Billy Bragg sets up Facebook campaign against RBS bonuses

Singer and activist Billy Bragg speaks to Paddy O'Connell on Radio 2 about withholding his tax to protest the bonuses paid at state owned Royal Bank of Scotland. Heather McGregor weighs in to defend the bankers. If you want to threaten to withdraw your income tax, find out how here.


VideoMay 2010

Muhammad and the New Sharia

YouTube commentator ZOMGitsCriss gets on her high horse and becomes Muhammad for a day


PictureFeb 2011

Bread head


PictureFeb 2011

There's a time and place for everything, but this is not it


VideoOct 2011

Michael Moore's speech at Occupy Wall Street

(10:19) Spreading the word. Lefty filmmaker and social critic Michael Moore stopped by Liberty Plaza in NYC to humble himself in front of the crowd. Since the banning of sound systems and megaphones, the crowd lend their voices so that others can hear. Strange at first but highly effective considering.


VideoOct 2011

Fox News interviews Jesse LaGreca from Occupy Wall Street

This interview never made it to air, unsurprising considering it's Fox News


VideoOct 2011

Behind the scenes at Occupy Wall Street

(6:55) Organising a middle class protest that could go on for many months if not years. The 99% are growing louder and larger by the day.