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89%VideoJun 2010

Clarke & Dawe on the BP oil spill

Australian satirists John Clarke and Bryan Dawe cover the oil spill that started in the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion in April 2010.


89%VideoAug 2010

Escaping raging Russian forest fire!

Amateur footage shows a car making a lucky escape from a forest fire in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod region. Forest fires have killed many and left thousands homeless in central Russia. The situation has escalated following weeks of record breaking temperatures.


89%VideoMay 2010

Rachel Maddow - Gulf of Mexico and Alaska oil spills

History repeats itself. A blowout at the Ixtoc 1 offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979 took 9 months to contain, even with the help of Red Adair. Today, Deepwater Horizon lies in far deeper waters.


89%AnimationMay 2012

2010 Gulf oil spill animated infographic

(2:00) The Deepwater Horizon oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 released 205 million gallons of oil. This animated infographic by Chris Harmon illustrates how much 205 million gallons really is.


89%VideoJun 2010

The Fix - Robert Redford reflects on the Gulf oil disaster

Robert Redford laments the Gulf oil disaster. When he hears energy companies describe themselves as being in the conservation business, he wants to throw up. Dependence on oil is bad for our health.


88%VideoMay 2010

Landslide in southern Italy 2010

After bad weather, the earth moved in mysterious ways down a not-too-steep slope in Viba Valentia, Italy


88%VideoJun 2010

Fareed Zakaria's take on the BP oil spill disaster

Have we all gone crazy? Fareed Zakaria criticises the media focus on President Obama kicking some ass, even though kicking ass is not going to plug the hole in the Gulf. Other issues world-wide are in more need of his attention.


88%PictureSep 2010

Major 7.1 earthquake hits New Zealand

Compared to the Haiti quake earlier this year which measured 7.0, New Zealand's disaster seemed almost quaint. There were no fatalities, and a couple people got injured in Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city with a population just over 350,000.


88%VideoAug 2014

China vs USA - Earthquake magnitude 6

(1:28) Two earthquakes of similar magnitude struck in Aust 2014, one in Napa, California, the other in Southwestern China... with very different results.


88%VideoJun 2010

Amateur video of Deepwater Horizon oil slick, and it's big!

(5:38) Alabama resident John Wathen flew over the Gulf of Mexico. In his own words, he describes the scene that unfolded below him.