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94%AnimationDec 2013

Joe Rogan on why marijuana is illegal

(4:23) American comedian and writer Joe Rogan talks about how pot became illegal.


94%VideoFeb 2014

Earl Blumenauer blasts Deputy Drug Czar

(6:28) A frustrated Earl Blumenauer took the deputy director of the Office of National Drug Policy Michael Botticelli, to task for failing to answer questions about marijuana's health risks.


94%VideoJun 2015

The Economist - Drugs: War or Store?

(15:11) What happened when Portugal decriminalised drugs?


94%AnimationDec 2015

Everything we think we know about addiction is wrong

(5:41) What causes heroin addiction? Heroin of course, but there's a problem.

94%VideoDec 2011

Make marijuana legal Obama, it's only a harmless plant

Why do you smoke, or not?


94%VideoApr 2012

Great US leaders who smoked weed

(5:11) When "Father of the Constitution" James Madison (1751 - 1836) credited hemp to giving him the insight to create a new democratic nation, it was likely he was referring to marijuana.


94%VideoDec 2013

Drunk vs Stoned

(3:22) Do people function better drunk or stoned? Guy finds out how he fares.

94%VideoApr 2015

Healthcare Triage - Is marijuana harmful to your health?

(5:47) Is marijuana dangerous enough to be made illegal?


93%VideoOct 2009

Drunkest Guy Ever popping out to get some beers

Intoxicated customer struggles with a trip to the shop


93%VideoOct 2006

Ali G hosts 'Who Wants To Win An Ounce'

Win a bag of the finest skunk money can buy