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93%VideoAug 2009

Ten drugs not to use while driving

See what it's really like, so you don't have to try it yourself


93%VideoOct 2011

Champion vegetable grower meets Snoop Dogg

Ian Neale, whose claim to fame is growing the world's biggest swede, is called upon to review Snoop Dogg's own home grown. Respect to Snoop for seeking expert advice.


93%VideoJan 2016

Weed dealers get high and call the cops

(3:20) Rexburg, Idaho. A 911 call leaves many shaking their heads in disbelief.


92%VideoJan 2007

Spiders on drugs

(1:49) Canadian spiders in need of rehab.


92%VideoJun 2011

BBC reporter tests the active ingredients in skunk

Is it true that skunk can play havoc with your mind? A BBC reporter takes drugs intravenously in the name of research and education.


92%VideoApr 2011

Marijuana: know the facts

Spoilt only by the lack of sources and the need to frequently use the pause button. Animation by Perogi Face backed by Dave Brubeck quartet playing Take 5.


92%VideoDec 2006

Marijuana road test

(5:32) We could do it tomorrow.


92%VideoFeb 2012

Granddad smokes weed for the very first time

(4:19) 66-year-old Larry wants to swap his medication for medical marijuana. This is his first time he got stoned.


92%VideoMay 2012

Penn Jillette attacks Obama for his position on drugs

(5:07) During an episode of "Penn's Sunday School", an angry Penn Jillette noted that Obama would not be president had he been caught and charged for his admitted drug use under the current drug laws that he condones.

92%VideoDec 2008

Top Gear - James May's moment of honesty

(0:15) Captain Slow makes an accidental spliff, err... slip.