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92%VideoJan 2007

Spiders on drugs

(1:49) Canadian spiders in need of rehab.


91%VideoSep 2008

Lily Allen vs. Elton John. Stars fall out on stage

GQ Awards hosts battle it out over drink and drugs


90%VideoAug 2010

CWS - Say no to dirt

Complete Washroom Solutions has a message for you party goers - stay clean, use a different surface

90%VideoMay 2007

Have I Got News For You - Goodbye Angus

Hislop and Merton dig into Deayton's past

89%VideoApr 2008

Have I Got News For You - Boris Johnson's cocaine history

Mayoral candidate admits sneezing up some class A


88%VideoOct 2005

Mentos and soda

Sticky volcanic eruption in the garden

88%VideoFeb 2015

Stephen Fry on cocaine

(2:23) Party pooper Stephen Fry explains how he came to take cocaine.

88%VideoOct 2017

Gordon Ramsay learns how to make cocaine

(3:06) Gordon Ramsay goes deep into the jungle to learn the recipe for cocaine.


88%AnimationDec 2005

Santa gets busted

Routine traffic violation turns violent


88%VideoOct 2005

Kate Moss cocaine video

Supermodel singled out by the Daily Mirror