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PictureOct 2009

Dining out in China

(31 pics) The humble kebab gets a new life, and in some cases it's not sure what that life was!


VideoDec 2004

Woman eating turkey

Early Christmas dinner...

PictureJul 2011

Russian sausage vs Chinese knife


PictureMar 2005

Baby eating cat

VideoMay 2009

Half snail, half plant

Sea slug that can give up eating a few weeks after birth and live off solar power

PictureJun 2011

Europe rids itself of cucumbers

Following the e-coli outbreak in Europe, the humble cucumber has been consigned to slaughter


VideoNov 2019

Cooking North Atlantic style


VideoOct 2012

Table manners for everyday use

(2:06) The do's and don'ts for eating the proper way. Bon appetite.


PictureJul 2008

Guinea pigs dress up for dinner

Guinea Pig Festival in Huaxho Northern Lima July 20th 2008. The celebration of the 'cuy', as guinea pigs are called in the Andes, includes contests for the biggest, fastest, best-dressed and, finally, tastiest animal of all.


PictureMay 2009

Sweet Sue's canned whole chicken

Fully cooked and ready to make you puke by Bryan Foods Inc