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98%VideoMay 2011

Young girl investigates religion

(3:50) A young atheist rips into the Old Testament after questioning what she was learning at Bible studies.


98%VideoFeb 2014

How to save yourself if you are alone and choking

(1:50) Firefighter and paramedic Jeff Rehman demonstrates how to save yourself from choking if there is no one around to help.

98%VideoNov 2014

Crazy Russian Hacker - How to open a can without a can opener

(3:07) Crazy Russian Hacker is back attacking you with zombie survival tips.

97%VideoNov 2012

Christian teen journalists walk out after 'bullshit in the Bible' comments

(3:21) Nearly a dozen of high school journalists walked out of a lecture by gay activist Dan Savage at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle, after he pointed out the hypocrisy of insisting that because it is written in the Bible, it must be right, while accepting the Bible did get some things wrong, notably slavery.


97%VideoAug 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Who do YOU want to be in life?

(3:44) Inspirational words of wisdom by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


97%VideoDec 2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil Gaiman discuss religion and science

(8:05) Why does religion have such a persistent hold on human thought despite all that we know in science?


97%VideoMay 2013

Learn guitar with David Brent

(1:39) David Brent is launching a series of guitar tutorials on YouTube...

97%VideoNov 2015

Prince EA - Man vs Earth

(5:27) What have homo sapiens done in 3 seconds?

97%VideoDec 2013

Fastest way to put on a swimming cap

(0:13) Kids love it.

97%VideoAug 2015

How to make your very own hologram

(2:20) Bored of new apps? Tutorial on how to turn your smartphone into a hologram projector.