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VideoSep 2011

Sam Harris on interpreting scripture

(6:47) It is often said that atheists take a literal reading of scripture (as a fundamentalist would) ignoring the sophistication and nuances that religion has to offer (what atheists would call 'cherry picking'). But if a holy book, authored by an omniscient god, were to be taken seriously, it should contain extraordinary words of wisdom and knowledge. But in the holy books, there are no mentions of electricity, DNA, quantum mechanics etc, things an omniscient god must surely be aware of. Come on religious people, wake up.


VideoJan 2013

Some thoughts by Karl Pilkington - Life

(3:13) Karl Pilkington wanders around a museum pondering life and the universe.


AnimationFeb 2015

How do we know what is true?

(2:52) The Humanist's view on how we learn what's true, narrated by Stephen Fry.

VideoDec 2007

Did you know: The human body

Facts and figures that will astonish you


AnimationJun 2008

Did you know? 2.0

More global trivia. To join the conversation, visit - Content by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, design and development by XPLANE.


AnimationJan 2013

Amazing facts to blow your mind #2

(2:24) More facts to make your head explode.


VideoMar 2013

Sean Carroll - What inspires you?

(0:50) A few words by American theoretical physicist Sean Carroll on what inspires him.


VideoApr 2013

The Impact of Wikipedia

(4:10) How Wikipedia works, in the voices of a few of those who make it happen.

VideoDec 2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil Gaiman discuss religion and science

(8:05) Why does religion have such a persistent hold on human thought despite all that we know in science?


VideoSep 2014

You can learn anything

(1:31) Most people think their intelligence is fixed. The science says it’s not.