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97%VideoNov 2012

Christian teen journalists walk out after 'bullshit in the Bible' comments

(3:21) Nearly a dozen of high school journalists walked out of a lecture by gay activist Dan Savage at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle, after he pointed out the hypocrisy of insisting that because it is written in the Bible, it must be right, while accepting the Bible did get some things wrong, notably slavery.


96%VideoFeb 2012

Milton Friedman - Questions concerning morality and capitalism

(8:33) American economist Milton Friedman in 1978, answers questions from students at Stanford University.


95%VideoMar 2011

Life lesson from a firefighter

Volunteer firefighter Mark Bezos recalls when through no fault of his own, he landed a task not quite up to his expectations. But it taught him a big lesson - don't wait to be a hero.

95%VideoApr 2012

The eight billion dollar iPod

(5:12) American author and entrepreneur Rob Reid applies 'copyright math' to analyse the cost of music piracy to the entertainment industry, using actual numbers from entertainment industry lawyers and lobbyists.


95%VideoMay 2012

Nick Hanauer's banned TEDTalk supporting higher taxes for the rich

(5:50) American entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer argues that the idea that "higher taxes on the rich will result in less jobs" is simply wrong.


94%VideoJul 2011

Try something new for 30 days

Matt Cutts talks about how he changed his life by following Morgan Spurlock's example - doing something new for 30 days. Morgan Spurlock is best known for his documentary 'Super Size Me' where he survived 30 days dining exclusively in McDonald's. www.ted.com

94%VideoMay 2013

Noam Chomsky: Education is a system of indoctrination of the young

(7:36) American philosopher, cognitive scientist and political activist Noam Chomsky discusses education.


94%VideoSep 2011

What we can learn from five million books

(14:09) Google have digitised millions of books (15 million to date), but short of reading them all, how can we practically use the accumulated words today? Google have created NGrams that allow you to trace the usage of any word or phrase in the historical record, opening up the science of 'culturomics' (the application of massive scale data collection and analysis to the study of human culture). From a TEDTalks in 2008 with Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel.


94%VideoDec 2012

Alain de Botton - How To Think More About Sex

(14:17) What is sexy, and advice if you are not getting enough sex.


93%VideoOct 2012

Michael Pollan: The era of cheap food is over

(24:40) Food prices are rising and are about to soar, according to American author and journalist Michael Pollan.