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PictureSep 2002

Bush reading skills prove disappointing

Go back to school


VideoApr 2006

Superman in class

24hr Superhero at your service

AnimationMay 2006

Family Guy: French lesson

Peter can't take class seriously

PictureOct 2004

School road sign

Back to school for signwriter

PictureMar 2004


SoundMay 2006

Mr Bergis gay school offer

Ellen de Generes opens clam-licking school


PictureApr 2007

Say and write

Kids fill in the first _etter

VideoApr 2013

6th grader asks a question about Noah's Ark

(6:14) There are many reasons why Noah's Ark is a myth, but these two questions posed by students at a school in Beaverton, Oregon, are priceless.


SoundOct 2009

Real school answer-machine message from Australia

How to communicate with the school childrens' parents


VideoFeb 2011

School of the future

As is often pointed out, our kids are the future, they will be the ones in control. So preparing them for an increasingly complicated, fast changing, forever growing world, is arguably the most important challenge to mankind. American educator and founder of the Khan Academy, Salman Khan explains his ideas for a new model of classroom teaching. Is this the school to save our future?