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VideoMay 2007

Don't get lost - Make a compass

A few props later, and now you know north

VideoApr 2007

How to balance two forks with a toothpick

Why? Just to amaze

VideoNov 2013

How to make a Swedish torch

(5:09) Simple way to burn a single log for hours. Perfect for cooking, or just long-lasting warmth.


VideoMar 2010

Celebrity Winter Advice with Geddy Lee

Tobogganing tips and advice from Rush frontman Geddy Lee


VideoDec 2007

How to flip your girlfriend

The 'couple tumble' in action


AnimationMar 2012

Dubstep Class

(1:57) Tutorial on dubstep production. For the kids, it was their first time.

VideoJan 2007

How to rip a phonebook in half

Pinch and pull, a simple superhuman technique


VideoJun 2007

How to train a cat to operate a light switch

Zimba reacts favourably to conditioning

VideoMar 2007

How to draw Stewie from Family Guy

Peter Shin illustrates the lovable character


VideoJul 2016

Secret behind the 'Ambiguous Cylinder' illusion

(4:24) Captain Disillusion gives a detailed breakdown of Kokichi Sugihara's Ambiguous Cylinder illusion.