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98%VideoDec 2011

Brian Cox demonstrates why atoms are empty

(6:27) Particle physicist Brian Cox gives a science lesson to celebrities with some helping wrist-action from comedian Simon Pegg and physicist Jim Al-Khalili.


98%VideoFeb 2014

How to save yourself if you are alone and choking

(1:50) Firefighter and paramedic Jeff Rehman demonstrates how to save yourself from choking if there is no one around to help.

98%VideoNov 2014

Crazy Russian Hacker - How to open a can without a can opener

(3:07) Crazy Russian Hacker is back attacking you with zombie survival tips.

97%VideoMay 2013

Learn guitar with David Brent

(1:39) David Brent is launching a series of guitar tutorials on YouTube...

97%VideoDec 2013

Fastest way to put on a swimming cap

(0:13) Kids love it.

97%VideoAug 2015

How to make your very own hologram

(2:20) Bored of new apps? Tutorial on how to turn your smartphone into a hologram projector.


97%VideoOct 2011

Impossible nail-through-wood trick revealed

(1:50) Easy woodworking project for a simple conversation piece you can amaze your friends and family with.


97%VideoJul 2012

Quick and simple life hacks #1

(2:01) Ten tricks to make life simpler.


96%VideoJun 2010

Handmade noodles, how it's done

(4:41) Danny Yip, pasta chef at Mr Chow in LA, performs what can be described as a magic trick you can eat.


96%VideoSep 2012

Easiest way to separate eggs

(1:43) There is a conventional way to separate egg yolk from its whites. But by using physics, this is a much cooler way.