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88%VideoSep 2009

Deep Green & Augmented Reality Pool

The RCVLab at Queen's University demonstrates Deep Green, a pool playing robot, and ARPool, an augmented reality system for teaching the science of pool


88%VideoMar 2011

Steve Jobs inspirational speech at Stanford University 2005

(15:05) Drawing from some pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple, urged graduates to pursue their dreams in love, life and death. Sadly, Steve Jobs' health is still in doubt and he is currently on indefinite leave from his work.


88%VideoJun 2009

Obama, president of the Harvard Law Review

Always running separate from the pack

88%VideoAug 2008

Polish technology students mess with dormitory lights

Light manoeuvres in the dark at Wroclaw University


88%VideoFeb 2009

Harding University student is bachelor no more

Charlie Walker proposed to his fiancee Erin Starness hence no longer requiring his degree


87%PictureDec 2002

Difficult choice

87%PictureApr 2006

Dana Porter Library lights

Busy student on a mission


87%VideoApr 2010

College Christian overcome by her own graduation speech

Did she really say, 'forgive us Lord for worshipping the intellectual mind'? An expression of principle or an excuse for a low grade? Was the hall too warm, or was the hand of God in her knickers? Not to worry, ambulance is on the way.


87%VideoJul 2011

The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library: How it works

The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago houses cutting-edge facilities for preservation and digitisation of physical books. It also has a high-density underground storage system with the capacity to hold 3.5 million books.


87%VideoJan 2013

Professor vs Willard Preacher

(2:47) The Willard Preacher is a regular at Penn State University, not a student mind you, just exercising his right to free speech, guiding students away from the path to Hell.