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VideoMar 2020

Kyle Kulinski | US vet bashes Biden "my friends are dead because of you"

(9:23) Joe Biden came in for some heavy criticism for supporting the Iraq War.

VideoJul 2008

Obama praises Bush Sr. in first Gulf War

Barack outlines his comparable foreign policy


VideoJun 2012

Fake CNN Gulf War reporting

(5:04) CNN coverage of the first Gulf War (1991). Live from Saudi Arabia with Charles Jaco as war correspondent.

Jul 2016

Tony Blair: I will be with you, whatever

In a note to George W. Bush on July 28, 20012, Tony Blair began, "I will be with you, whatever. But this is the moment to assess bluntly the difficulties..."


VideoSep 2011

Colin Powell, the face of false intelligence

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, talks about his United Nations speech making the case for war with Iraq post 9/11


VideoAug 2013

General Wesley Clark: Seven countries in five years

(2:13) Retired US Army General Wesley Clark talking in 2007 about the Middle East.


VideoMar 2016

TYT - Was Trump really against the Iraq war before it began?

(12:27) Donald Trump claimed he was against the Iraq war before it started. But evidence to the contrary has come up from a Howard Stern interview in 2002.

VideoNov 2017

Gordon Brown - Pentagon misled UK over weapons of mass destruction

(7:42) Former PM Gordon Brown on Good Morning Britain.


VideoSep 2011

Ron Paul - Wikileaks reveals US approval for Kuwait invasion

Courtesy of Wikileaks, cables between Baghdad and Washington, one week prior to Saddam Hussein's attack on Kuwait in 1990, showed that the US administration under George Bush Sr. gave tacit approval for the Kuwait invasion.


VideoMar 2020

Kyle Kulinski | Bernie ad destroys Biden for Iraq War support

(11:50) How bad was the Iraq War?