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98%VideoMar 2014

Tony Benn's 10 min history lesson

(10:34) A man of genuine passion and intellect, British Labour politician Tony Benn gives a succinct history of how we got here.


98%VideoMar 2016

History of Rock

(14:35) A history of rock music in 15 minutes. Pump up the volume and enjoy.


97%VideoOct 2012

Blowback: The unintended consequences of foreign operations

(7:46) When the American public doesn't know about secret American foreign policy, it asks the question: "Why do they hate us?".


97%VideoApr 2009

Hiroshima atom bomb drop reconstruction

(9:31) To date the only attack with nuclear weapons in the history of warfare, killing as many as 140,000 people.


96%VideoNov 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson is asked: "Do you believe in God?"

(8:49) Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why he doesn't believe in god, and as you'd expect, he comes from an interesting angle.

96%VideoJan 2015

Lars Andersen takes archery to a new level

(5:51) Danish archer Lars Anderson reinvents what has been lost in the world of master archery.


96%VideoApr 2015

The Car Parking Machine (1932)

(1:16) Vertical elevator city parking solution from the thirties.

96%VideoMay 2011

Rolling Through The Bay

(4:33) Scott Weaver's amazing sculpture, made with over 100,000 toothpicks over 35 years.


96%VideoJul 2011

The Treaty of Tripoli

The Treaty of Tripoli was a peace treaty signed in 1796 between the United States and north African Muslim states, at the time collectively known as the Barbary States, to safeguard shipping in the Mediterranean Sea from pirate attacks. Although a routine diplomatic document, it was notable for a clause about religion that reflected the views of the Founding Fathers. Incidentally 'Musselmen' means Muslims, and 'Mahometan nation' means Muslim nation in the English language of the time.


96%VideoApr 2013

Historians conclude humans are stupid

(2:22) More worryingly, their stupidity is on the increase.