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VideoMar 2014

Tony Benn's 10 min history lesson

(10:34) A man of genuine passion and intellect, British Labour politician Tony Benn gives a succinct history of how we got here.


VideoAug 2016

How guns became so popular in America

(6:13) How America's population became a well armed, lightly trained militia.


VideoMay 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Joe Rogan debate the moon landing

(35:31) Did we put a man on the moon in 1969?


VideoJul 2015

Q: Why do Americans celebrate the 4th of July

(4:14) Conversations with American beachgoers in San Diego on the eve of the 4th of July.


VideoNov 2013

Top Secret Weapons Revealed - Skyhook

(2:59) Brilliant solution for the CIA, Air Force and Navy to extract their personnel from the ground or at sea.


VideoMay 2007

Hindenburg disaster 1937

Original footage of the airship inferno


VideoOct 2010

Ray Villafane sand castles

History immortalised in sand. American sculptor Ray Villafane joins forces with Fine Art Concern to build a monumental sand sculpture. www.artconcern.ru/eng/


VideoSep 2019

The Rational National | Obama praise Bernie in 2006 endorsement

(7:57) What young Barack Obama saw in veteran politician Bernie Sanders in 2006.

VideoApr 2020

500-year-old painting features an anamorphic skull illusion


VideoFeb 2013

Native American confronts protesters on immigration

(1:17) A native American reminds whites protesting immigration, of history.