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95%AnimationNov 2013

Fly-through 17th century London

(3:29) Students use Crytek's CryEngine 3 to build a 3D representation of 17th century London before the Great Fire.


95%VideoAug 2012

Olga Korbut in the Munich 1972 Olympics

(3:06) An extraordinary routine at the Munich 1972 Olympics by Russian gymnast Olga Korbut, then only 17, who introduced the 'Korbut Flip' to the world for the first time.


94%AnimationJun 2016

History of human histories

(10:05) The world feels like it's always been like this, but it hasn't.

94%AnimationJul 2012

Electric Vocabulary

(6:57) Where do the words around electricity (charge, positive, battery etc.) come from?

94%VideoNov 2012

The American form of government, republic or democracy?

(10:35) Brilliant and thought-provoking video on political systems and the role of government in society.


94%AnimationApr 2013

The way it is?

(5:48) Unfortunately, the way things are.


94%VideoSep 2013

What if Hitler never existed, would the world be a better place?

(6:44) Stephen Fry talks to Peter Florence on subjects beginning with the letters A-Z. This clip is H, for Hitler.

94%VideoDec 2013

The story of your enslavement

(13:10) Brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own.


94%AnimationDec 2013

Joe Rogan on why marijuana is illegal

(4:23) American comedian and writer Joe Rogan talks about how pot became illegal.


94%VideoJun 2015

Tank man on Tiananmen Square

(4:45) The individual vs the mighty state.