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92%VideoOct 2007

SAS training and weapons

Hostage situation scenario examined


89%VideoSep 2005

Officer seizes opportunity

...and strikes with a vengeance

87%VideoApr 2011

Rocket-propelled Hercules transport plane

Three Lockheed Hercules aircraft were modified for Operation Credible Sport, a top-secret rescue mission to free hostages in the Iranian hostage crisis of 1980. It reads like a movie plot, except for the ending.


87%VideoDec 2013

Israeli SWAT team in action after failed negotiation

(1:24) A man with mental issues had kidnapped his 4-year-old niece and locked himself in an apartment.


87%VideoJul 2016

Soldier disarms actor shooting hostage scene

(0:30) TV gets mixed up with reality.


85%PictureApr 2011

The most amazing necklace ever!


76%VideoSep 2004

The Getaway

73%VideoAug 2010

Philippine SWAT team storm bus full of hostages

Text book example of how not to storm a bus load of hostages. Manila in the Philippines, a former sacked policeman held 15 Hong Kong tourists hostage in a bus demanding he be reinstated.


72%PictureApr 2008

21st century pirates storm luxury yacht

Pirates boarded French luxury yacht 'Le Ponant' off the coast of Somalia and took its 30-strong crew hostage. The French military said it has forces in the area and is launching an operation to take back the ship and free the captives. (4/4/08)


70%PictureOct 2007

Chinese kidnap

Negotiator affects a quick resolve