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95%VideoMar 2018

Trump's name removed from Trump Hotel in Panama



94%VideoMay 2012

Hotel lift BASE jump

(2:26) Taking a ride up a hotel on top of the external lift, three BASE jumpers do what BASE jumpers have to do - JUMP!

92%VideoAug 2009

Civilization, epic video mural by Marco Brambilla

(3:22) Created for the new Standard Hotel in New York City, depicting a journey from hell to heaven interpreted through modern film language using computer-enhanced found footage.


92%VideoFeb 2005

Paris Hilton interview

Too roomy for Jimmy Fallon


91%Aug 2002

Hotel soap saga


91%PictureOct 2006

Aurora Ice Hotel

Alaska tempts winter vacationists


90%VideoJul 2011

9 Hours capsule hotel

(4:00) One hour to shower, seven hours to sleep, one hour to rest, that's the 9h capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan.


88%VideoJan 2009

Jumbo Hostel ready for boarding

Grounded holiday on the former queen of the skies


88%VideoMar 2015

Robot room service

(0:53) Coming soon to a hotel near you.

88%VideoJan 2016

Time-lapse of Dubai's NYE hotel fire

(2:02) A huge fire broke out at the luxury Address Hotel in Dubai only a few hours before 2015/16 New Year's Eve fireworks would lift off.