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VideoApr 2020

A Different Bias | Britain doesn't have enough migrant workers according to government

(8:51) Romanians to the rescue.

VideoFeb 2013

Native American confronts protesters on immigration

(1:17) A native American reminds whites protesting immigration, of history.


VideoMar 2017

Katie Hopkins on Rinkeby, a no-go-zone in Stockholm, Sweden

(5:04) Journalist Katie Hopkins went to Stockholm's notorious Rinkeby area to talk to those who live there.


VideoJan 2020

A Different Bias | Brexit Britain sees talent drain

(6:45) The UK is slipping down the global talent rankings.

PictureJan 2016

Real things Donald Trump actually believes


VideoSep 2014

Doug Stanhope on nationalism

(5:53) Hellraising American stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope takes a pot at nationalism.


AnimationFeb 2017

America's sources of immigrants, from 1850 to today

(4:00) A state-by-state look at the history of US immigration by country of origin.

VideoFeb 2020

UK's tough new post-Brexit immigration system explained

(3:17) The new points-based immigration system will be enforced from January 1, 2021.

VideoFeb 2020

A Different Bias | BBC allow diatribe without challenge

(9:59) BBC's Question Time allowed a lengthy racist rant to not only be aired, but also go completely unchallenged by the host.


VideoMar 2007

Mexico's Disneyland

Pay $20 and run like a wetback