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98%VideoJan 2012

Deaf child chats with her mum at the dinner table

(4:08) 24-month-old Ava chats fluently with her mum across the dinner table. The biggest downside to deafness is not difficulty in communicating, but who you can communicate with, since not many people can sign.


97%VideoFeb 2013

How wordplay softens the hard truth

(3:40) Verbal camouflage, the art of softening the truth with words, is alive and well in US politics. But will the American public be fooled?


97%VideoJul 2013

Stephen Fry discusses our evolving language with Jonathan Ross


97%VideoJan 2016

How Donald Trump uses language differently

(6:53) Nerdwriter analyses Donald Trump's answer to a question by Jimmy Kimmel.


97%VideoDec 2011

Luis von Ahn - Massive-scale online collaboration

(16:40) Who'd have thought that with some brilliant lateral thinking, CAPTCHAs (the annoying security test that verifies you're human) can be simultaneously used to benefit humanity.

96%VideoFeb 2012

George Carlin - The language of politics

(9:37) A great politician is a great communicator. A master of language himself, George Carlin delves into how politicians use language to make message appear like action.


95%VideoMar 2011

George Carlin, everyday expressions

Examining the phrases that pass our lips without consideration. Classic Carlin from the early 1990s.


95%VideoJun 2014

Jimmy Fallon plays Word Sneak with Ricky Gervais

(3:23) Word Sneak, a game of casual conversation.

95%VideoApr 2011

The power of words

Words are worth a thousand pennies. Marketing can help even the blind.


95%Nov 2005

New words for Roget