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VideoSep 2014

Barney Frank: Marijuana legalisation will follow same sex- marriage

(5:08) Too mellow for the economy?

VideoJun 2011

Zach Wahls, raised by two women and doing pretty well

19-year-old University of Iowa student Zach Wahls makes a powerful speech in opposition to a resolution that would end civil unions in Iowa.


VideoApr 2005

Dog lawyer

Wade Basingame fights for your rights

VideoDec 2012

TYT - How did Australians deal with their mass shootings?

(4:35) After a shooting in 1996, Australians took decisive action to curb mass shootings by introducing draconian gun control. But did it work?


AnimationJun 2014

The Ricky Gervais Show - Law & Order

(18:38) Karl gives his thoughts on the tricky issue of capital punishment.

VideoFeb 2011

Judge Jim Gray, a judicial indictment of the war on drugs

Presiding judge in conservative Orange County, California makes sense of failed anti-drug policies with some very powerful observations, particularly on the groups of people who benefit from drug prohibition. It seems whichever way you measure it, the costs of drug prohibition far exceeds any benefits.


VideoJun 2013

Edward Snowden, hero or traitor?

(8:33) TV investigative journalist Ben Swann puts some meat on the Edward Snowden case asking the question: who has actually committed a crime - Snowden or the NSA?


VideoFeb 2020

James O'Brien | Which EU regulations should we get rid of?

(13:59) Four EU regulations that should be removed, according to LBC callers.


VideoJun 2009

Obama, president of the Harvard Law Review

Always running separate from the pack

Oct 2005

Jacko relaxes