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94%VideoNov 2012

TYT - Man sues wife for being too ugly!

(2:52) A bizarre story that could easily have come from the minds of The Onion, only it's from China.

94%VideoMay 2014

Smart people barred from becoming police officers

(4:50) A court in New York ruled in favour of preventing smart people from joining the police force.


94%VideoFeb 2013

Senator Elizabeth Warren's first Banking Committee Hearing

(7:39) Senior US Senator from Massachusetts and Democratic Elizabeth Warren quizzes the banking panel over the last time a major Wall Street bank was taken to trial.


93%Sep 2002

Disorder in the Court


93%VideoMay 2012

Highlights from parliamentary committee on phone hacking scandal

(2:30) Rupert Murdoch not fit to run International company.


91%VideoFeb 2013

Smart alec at the courtroom gets tasered

(3:31) Being awkward for the sake of it is pathetic and sometimes painful, as this smart alec proves.


90%VideoOct 2007

Screeching 'Pink' Protestors

Condoleezza Rice confronted by bloody hands


89%VideoJul 2009

Brilliant woman solves California's problems

City council, Santa Cruz. An epic plan is unveiled before the people of California. Nominated by MissAlanius


88%VideoAug 2011

Judge Judy questions a moron, her words not mine

(7:07) Judge Judy explains how taking government money designated for rent, and spending it on other things, is stealing. But the concept proves difficult for freeloader Duane Brooks to grasp.


88%AnimationJul 2013

The United States vs PFC Bradley Manning

(3:06) From a leaked recording inside Bradley Manning's Providence Inquiry at Fort Meade, Maryland. February 28, 2013. Graphically illustrated by artist and WikiLeaks activist Clark Stoeckle.