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96%VideoAug 2016

Trump exposes Trump

(5:43) Donald Trump's hypocrisy, in his own words.


94%VideoJan 2015

Noam Chomsky - Why do politicians lie?

(1:38) Because we let them. Noam Chomsky elaborates.


94%VideoSep 2016

TYT - Trump denies he ever wanted a Muslim ban

(6:25) More proof Donald Trump is a notorious and pathological liar.


94%VideoNov 2018

Seth Meyers | Trump's weird lie about raking in Finland

(12:49) A closer look at Trump's bizarre tendency to lie about other countries.

94%VideoFeb 2019

Trump's State of the Union fact-checked

(5:07) As you might expect, many of Donald Trump's claims during his State of the Union speech were factually incorrect.


94%VideoMar 2019

How Bernie plans to defeat Trump in debate

(3:27) Highlights from the recent CNN town hall with Bernie Sanders.

94%VideoJun 2019

Have I Got News For You | Boris' Big Brexit Lie


94%VideoJul 2016

Lies of Donald J. Trump, all from a single speech!

(7:23) Donald Trump told over 25 outright lies in a single speech in June 2016. Here they are.


94%VideoDec 2017

Who lied most, Trump or Obama?

(8:46) Panel discuss a New York Times report on Donald Trump's lies compared with Obama's.

94%VideoSep 2018

Unraveling President Trump's top 5 claims

(3:22) The Washington Post's fact checker kept track of Donald Trump's false or misleading claims.