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PictureJun 2002

September 11 divorce

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VideoApr 2008

Tricia Walsh-Smith's video discussed

Fox News legal analyst takes a look at YouTube divorce rant and discusses the possible implications

VideoApr 2008

Tricia Walsh-Smith's revenge divorce video

'YouTube divorce' video, in which playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith rants about her allegedly inconsiderate wealthy husband Philip J. Smith, a Broadway theatre mogul


PictureFeb 2004

Mr and Mrs Toskana

VideoJun 2009

Azadeh Moaveni takes pre-marital class in Iran

Iranian government found to be forward-thinking on issues of sex, marriage and contraception


PictureNov 2008

Madonna lets Guy see his boys, on 12 conditions

Pre Madonna's marriage, there were no rules for bad boy director Guy Ritchie. Now there are 12. Who says Mama don't preach?


Sep 2005

Polish divorce

VideoFeb 2009

Couple saw house in half

Divorce literally tears a couples life apart in Cambodia


VideoNov 2006

Britney dumps K-Fed by SMS

Rapper talks of loving relationship

Apr 2008

The sad case of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills