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97%VideoDec 2014

How does a homeless man spend $100?

(4:45) Josh gave a homeless man $100, and then followed him around to see how that money was spent.


95%VideoAug 2015

When a comedian interrupted FIFA

(0:46) It's raining money when British comedian Simon Brodkin (aka Lee Nelson) gained access to a FIFA press conference.

95%VideoAug 2011

Warren Buffett is a socialist, according to Fox News

Former Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg agrees with Warren Buffett and argues the rich should pay more tax. But Fox News business anchor Neil Cavuto meekly disagrees. Young Turk Cenk Uygur also makes the important distinction between the rich, and the greedy rich.


94%VideoMay 2012

12-year-old's damning critique of the banking system

(6:44) 12-year old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada, and most of the world, is in debt.


94%AnimationMar 2012

Punk Economics - Lesson 2

(9:03) Irish economist David McWilliams explains the European Central Bank's massive cash for trash scheme, bailing out banks with our money.


94%VideoApr 2013

How much money is there on Earth?

(15:32) Vsauce Michael looks at the many aspects of money.


94%VideoOct 2011

Star Trek on the economics of the future

(0:53) Society without money. Is this possible?


94%VideoSep 2014

Joe Rogan - American War Machine

(9:37) Joe Rogan's podcast on the state of the world today.


94%VideoMar 2017

Richard Wolff explains the national debt

(6:11) American Marxian economist Richard Wolff explains how we got to austerity.


94%VideoOct 2008

Peter Schiff predicted the current credit crisis in 2006

Economic adviser to Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, foresaw in detail the current real estate/mortgage debacle before anyone else even realized it was coming.