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87%VideoMar 2011

Shifting ground in Tokyo park

CNN reporter Brent Kooi happened to be strolling a park in Chiba when the earth moved and cracked beneath his feet


87%VideoAug 2012

Earthquake Lady

(3:16) Unintended comedy at the city council. Dayton Ohio's first self-appointed super hero speaks about her day to day frustrations and challenges.


87%VideoOct 2012

Scientists sentenced to prison for bad quake advice!

(1:35) Act of God, or scientists' fault? Six Italian scientists and a government official have been found guilty of multiple manslaughter for underestimating the risks of a deadly earthquake in the town of L'Aquila in 2009.


87%VideoDec 2013

Texas rocked by 16 quakes in 3 weeks. Is fracking to blame?

(7:44) November 28, 2013: Northern Texas towns are experiencing an intense string of earthquakes – the last of which was one of the most powerful in 5 years.


87%VideoMar 2014

Lie Witness News - Preparing for the Big One

(4:25) Are you ready for the earthquake tomorrow?


87%VideoMay 2014

Earthquake live news compilation 2014

(5:01) Live news when an earthquake shook Los Angeles on St Patrick's Day 2014.

87%VideoOct 2014

Stanford engineers test earthquake-resistant residence

(2:06) Engineers at Stanford have outfitted a two storey house with sliding "isolators" so it skates along the trembling ground instead of collapsing.

87%VideoApr 2015

Drone footage captures aftermath of Nepal earthquake 2015

(1:10) Amateur drone footage shows the extent of devastation in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

87%VideoMay 2015

Michio Kaku on the Nepal earthquakes

(3:22) Theoretical physicist and CBS News science contributor Michio Kaku discusses the science behind the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquakes and ensuing avalanches.


87%VideoSep 2015

Earthquake in a supermarket

(0:47) Sep 16, 2015. Chile was rocked by yet another earthquake, this time a strong 8.3.