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89%VideoAug 2009

Brad Pitt rebuilds New Orleans

Legal weed, no religion, gay marriage. Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt's policies if he were to run for mayor. Meanwhile he's helping rebuild the city still reeling from Hurricane Katrina.

88%PictureSep 2005

More havoc from Katrina

A reminder - in anticipation of Hurricane Rita

88%VideoSep 2015

TYT - Louisiana governor asks Obama to not talk about climate change

(8:02) The Young Turks have fun discussing when is the right time to discuss the biggest issue facing mankind.

87%VideoNov 2010

Six Flags New Orleans amusement park, abandoned

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Six Flags New Orleans in 2005. It has been abandoned ever since and is scheduled to be demolished in January 2011. This film was made in October 2010 by Teddy Smith.


87%VideoAug 2011

The looting that came after Katrina

(10:00) George Carlin and Bill Maher discuss the looting and politics that came after Hurricane Katrina demolished New Orleans in 2005. London's recent riots were quite different but there are parallels touched on in this discussion. Or maybe you disagree? Other panelists are James Glassman from the American Enterprise Institute and Cynthia Tucker from the Atlanta Journal.

86%PictureSep 2005

Hurricane Katrina devastation

Images of chaos, destruction and despair


85%VideoSep 2005

Looking back: The Bush Katrina story

The President cuts his vacation short

85%VideoAug 2006

CNN mangles Bush Katrina speech

Anchor Kyra Philips chitchat on air


84%PictureSep 2005

More mayhem from Katrina

Images from the worst US natural disaster

73%PictureSep 2005

Baywatch star comes to the rescue

Lifeguard prepares to save lives