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95%VideoFeb 2012

Antarctic glacier collapse

(2:02) Danger's afoot when a glacier collapses nearby kayakers and penguins.


93%VideoMar 2011

Tarou's tsunami barrier

After experiencing two devastating earthquakes (1895 and 1933), the people of Tarou built a great wall 10 metres high to counter the next one.


92%VideoMar 2011

Inbound tsunami with 5 km to go

A Japanese Coast Guard ship rises over the inbound tsunami. Relatively harmless at sea, but utterly destructive on land.


92%VideoMar 2011

Japanese tsunami reaches California

After travelling many thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean, the Japanese tsunami, tired but still significant, hits California's coastline


92%VideoJan 2005

Tsunami video footage

Camcorders capture devastation

90%VideoMar 2012

Japanese architect proposes tsunami-safe cities

(2:21) Could this be the best bet for those living under the threat of tsunamis? Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako has designed 'sky villages' that would take three years to build and last 200 years.


90%VideoFeb 2010

Ship launch creates giant wave

Onlookers washed off the dockside as a ship is side-launched in Westerbroek, Netherlands


89%VideoJul 2012

Iceberg tsunami

(2:29) From YT: "A tourist from Australia came to my uncle and asked if she could get a ride to the glacier..."

88%VideoJun 2008

Surging tide of Qiantang River, China's annual tidal wave

Thousands flock to Hangzhou Bay to witness a freakish sight. In a normal year it is an awesome display, but this is not a normal year...


88%VideoMar 2012

Quarry blast tsunami

(0:16) How to recreate a tsunami without the help of an earthquake.