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FEATURED Trebor VideoAug 2006

Cool be the human mind

Tune in and lower your body temperature


VideoJul 2009

Dara O'Briain: Science doesn't know everything

Comedian Dara O'Briain sets the record straight about the public understanding of science


AnimationFeb 2018

Homeopathy explained - Gentle healing or reckless fraud?

(8:31) The principles behind homeopathy, and does it work?

VideoNov 2011

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Homeopathic A&E

A serious car crash victim enter Homeopathic A&E. An interesting question/comment on YouTube: "So if I drink a glass of London tap water which has been through 7 other people before me I will be cured of every disease known to man?"


VideoNov 2009

Hypnosis therapy, right here on BoreMe

Here's your chance to ring out some of that nervous tension you picked up today. Relax in the knowledge that there is no surprise end that will give you a heart attack.


VideoOct 2009

Demonstrating superconducting magnetic levitation

Superconducting train demo. The property of zero electrical resistance in some substances at very low absolute temperatures


VideoApr 2014

Open letter to Ellen: Don't promote psychic Theresa Caputo

(5:21) American blogger and skeptic Rebecca Watson asks Ellen DeGeneres to not promote Theresa Caputo. Unless she can prove the afterlife exists.


VideoFeb 2011

The most illegal thing in the history of wrestling!

Think wrestling is fake? Then watch what happened during the semi-finals of the CZW World Tag Team Title Tournament - The Osirian Portal vs The Runaways.


VideoJun 2012

Sam Harris - Death and the present moment

(56:31) Brilliant and thought-provoking talk that will put you into a trance, literally. It's almost an hour long but well worth it.


VideoDec 2016

MAG-LEV Audio, the world's first levitating turntable

(1:54) Vinyl soars into the future.