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VideoMar 2020

CNN | Bernie responds to Trump's claim that Dems are plotting against him

(7:02) Bernie Sanders talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper ahead of the Super Tuesday vote.

PictureJun 2002

September 11 divorce

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VideoOct 2015

Fox News panel discuss leggings

(4:51) Leggings ain't pants. A panel of fathers discuss whether they would allow their daughters to wear leggings at school.

VideoSep 2005

News report

Drug baron's evil wares destroyed

VideoApr 2009

Children exposed to porn may expect sex to be enjoyable!

'In The Know' discussion on how pornography warps children's minds


VideoSep 2004

Crash report

PictureNov 2005

Bush reported dead!

Shock news yet to be confirmed

VideoJan 2013

Michael Moore speaks out on gun control

(2:29) If one suffers, everybody suffers. Michael Moore calls for Americans to take care of each other, rather than just themselves.


VideoMar 2020

CNN | Dr Fauci: You don't make the timeline, the virus does

(10:57) Infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci discusses the reality of setting a timeline to business as usual.


PictureNov 2005

Santa is dead

Shock news causes lifelong damage