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96%AnimationJul 2014

My parents think Fox News is real

(2:26) Do you know someone who thinks Fox News is real?


95%VideoJun 2013

Edward Snowden, hero or traitor?

(8:33) TV investigative journalist Ben Swann puts some meat on the Edward Snowden case asking the question: who has actually committed a crime - Snowden or the NSA?


95%VideoAug 2012

The Newsroom - American Taliban

(6:12) Many a true word spoken in fiction. From Episode 10 of American drama TV show "The Newsroom" by Aaron Sorkin.


95%VideoOct 2012

The Onion's guide to the presidential candidates - Mitt Romney

(4:10) Election day is fast approaching. To help you prepare, here is The Onion's in-depth voter's guide to Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.


95%VideoSep 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson on cherry picking science

(5:28) Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson picks out climate change deniers for ignoring the scientific consensus.

95%VideoMay 2012

Nick Hanauer's banned TEDTalk supporting higher taxes for the rich

(5:50) American entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer argues that the idea that "higher taxes on the rich will result in less jobs" is simply wrong.


95%VideoAug 2011

Warren Buffett is a socialist, according to Fox News

Former Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg agrees with Warren Buffett and argues the rich should pay more tax. But Fox News business anchor Neil Cavuto meekly disagrees. Young Turk Cenk Uygur also makes the important distinction between the rich, and the greedy rich.


95%VideoJan 2014

CNN reporter gone to pot

(7:10) CNN reporter Randi Kaye gets stoned when she joins a cannabis tour in Colorado.


95%VideoJul 2014

Russel Brand discusses the Israel/Palestine conflict

(6:50) Russel Brand shares some thoughts on the complex issue of the Middle Eastern conflict, and examines some of the media coverage around it.


95%VideoSep 2012

TYT - US calls Julian Assange 'Enemy of the State'

(4:59) Disturbing revelations on how the US government sees Julian Assange and Wikileaks; in the same legal category as Al Qaeda or the Taliban.