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94%VideoNov 2012

TYT - Man sues wife for being too ugly!

(2:52) A bizarre story that could easily have come from the minds of The Onion, only it's from China.

94%VideoDec 2012

Bill Nye: Creationism is just wrong!

(6:03) We know how old the Earth is, the topic's not even up for debate. But when tax dollars intended for science education, are used to teach something that is simply wrong, then it becomes political.


94%VideoDec 2012

Information overload, or is it obesity?

(4:00) There's a big difference between what you want and what you need. And when it comes to consuming information, the choice you make today affects the information you get tomorrow.


94%VideoJan 2013

Ursula McCarthy's court report

(1:05) The best of Irish news, if only.


94%VideoApr 2013

Seven-year-old steals car to escape church

(0:31) This boy will go far.


94%VideoMay 2013

TYT - May Day, and why the bottom 90% should be outraged

(6:28) A new study suggests that if you're poor today, you have less chance of getting rich than in the 1980s. But it gets worse...


94%VideoMay 2013

Tornado survivor finds her dog during TV interview

(2:59) A woman whose home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado, found her dog in the rubble during a live TV interview.


94%VideoNov 2013

The Onion looks back at 'The Shining'

(3:41) The Onion's head film critic Peter K. Rosenthal looks back at Stanley Kubrick's horror classic 'The Shining'.


94%VideoNov 2013

TYT - A car that runs for 100 years without refuelling

(5:27) Could Thorium be the future of nuclear energy? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss Laser Power Systems' concept for a thorium-powered car engine.


94%VideoDec 2013

Six corporations control your perception

(7:36) Abby Martin reports on the six huge corporations that control almost everything in the mainstream media.