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98%VideoFeb 2012

Brain dead teen, only capable of rolling her eyes and texting

(3:10) The Onion goes beyond the facts and reports on the story of Caitlin Tegart, who at the age of only 12, lost her ability to do anything but roll her eyes and text.


95%VideoAug 2012

The Newsroom - American Taliban

(6:12) Many a true word spoken in fiction. From Episode 10 of American drama TV show "The Newsroom" by Aaron Sorkin.


95%VideoJan 2014

CNN reporter gone to pot

(7:10) CNN reporter Randi Kaye gets stoned when she joins a cannabis tour in Colorado.


94%VideoNov 2013

Bus driver saves woman from jumping off bridge

(1:08) October 30, 2013: Hero bus driver Darnell Barton saves a woman from jumping off a bridge when he saw her standing on the wrong side of the guard rail.


94%VideoJun 2011

Al Qaeda populate US with decoy Muslims

Former prosecutor Shelby Cross warns of peaceful decoy Muslims infiltrating American society. Be on your guard, better to be safe and embarrassed, than dead. News report from The Onion News Network.


94%VideoJan 2012

OMG, Norwegian news just got PWN3D

(0:16) Subliminal English lesson spotted on a Norwegian news story about eyesight treatment for the elderly.


94%VideoJan 2013

Ursula McCarthy's court report

(1:05) The best of Irish news, if only.


94%VideoApr 2013

Seven-year-old steals car to escape church

(0:31) This boy will go far.


94%VideoMay 2013

Tornado survivor finds her dog during TV interview

(2:59) A woman whose home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado, found her dog in the rubble during a live TV interview.


94%VideoDec 2013

Six corporations control your perception

(7:36) Abby Martin reports on the six huge corporations that control almost everything in the mainstream media.