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AnimationMay 2010

Gordon Brown's Bigotgate reported by Taiwanese newspaper

Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily follow the UK 2010 elections. Gordon Brown's meeting with Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy seemed to go just fine until a rogue microphone picked up the PM's private thoughts.


VideoFeb 2012

What does a real internet troll look like?

(3:09) BBC reporter tracks down notorious internet troll Nimrod Severn, real name Darren Burton, for a quick interview.


VideoJul 2011

Pizza fuelled rebels fight Gaddafi

A Libyan living in Sweden returns home to help out in the fight against Gaddafi's forces by bringing fast food to the frontline. After all, Napoleon did say: "An army marches on its stomach".


VideoApr 2010

Police make bold move in busy traffic

Perfectly positioned photo-journalist gets Hollywood style action footage when he follows a police car chase


VideoJul 2011

Shark expert investigates shark sighting in Evandale Lake

Today host Karl Stefanovic reports on a story about a shark in Australia's Evandale Lake, frequented daily by swimmers. Shark expert Paul Burt takes a shot at catching the shark, but it doesn't end well.


VideoMar 2013

Kapooyow! Kapooyow!

(1:34) Michelle Clark describes the terrifying events when huge hailstones rained down on Brookshire residents in Texas.


VideoDec 2010

Sex therapist discusses sex charges against Julian Assange

Dr Victoria Zdrok, Phd, is monitoring the case brought against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by two Swedish women. One has accused him of refusing to stop after his condom broke, the other that he had sex with her when she was asleep.


VideoMay 2012

Stray dog goes walkies for over 1,000 miles

(2:11) A group of Chinese cyclists cycling across south western China were joined by a stray dog after one of them fed him a drumstick. 20 days, 1,139 miles later, the dog (now named Xiaosa) was still with them.


VideoFeb 2011

Uncontacted Amazonian tribe

Seeing is believing. The first aerial footage of probably the last uncontacted community in the world. Ironically, proving and publicising their existence is probably the best way to protect it.


VideoJun 2010

Fareed Zakaria's take on the BP oil spill disaster

Have we all gone crazy? Fareed Zakaria criticises the media focus on President Obama kicking some ass, even though kicking ass is not going to plug the hole in the Gulf. Other issues world-wide are in more need of his attention.