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88%VideoSep 2011

Rachel Maddow: Republicans are Living in a Fantasy World

(13:13) Normalsville vs Republicanland. Rachel Maddow checks out some of the 'facts' floating around in Republican minds. Turns out that many of them are not true, at least that's if you live in Normalsville.


88%VideoFeb 2012

Why are oil prices so high?

(9:36) Why are oil prices so high? Republicans blame Obama and call for more domestic drilling to drive down the price. But is this how it really works?


88%VideoJun 2012

TYT - Do progressive positions help Obama?

(5:39) It is often thought that Americans are heavily conservative, but is that really true?


88%VideoJun 2012

Texas GOP wants to ban critical thinking

(4:24) It reads more like an Onion headline. That's just one of the many startling positions adopted by the Texas' Republican Party at its recent convention in Fort Worth.


88%VideoJul 2012

Talented 13-year-old Conservative kid grows up

(7:15) Jonathan Krohn is now 17 and his views are evolving.


88%VideoAug 2012

TYT - How conservative is Paul Ryan?

(3:13) Cenk Uygur looks at Paul Ryan's voting record.


88%VideoApr 2013

Bill Maher calls Americans stupid, again!

(7:20) Bill Maher discusses the swathes of Americans, particularly Republicans, who are ignorant and anti-science.


88%VideoMay 2013

Interviews from Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally in 2010

(9:51) Points of views from Tea Partiers at the Restoring Honor rally on August 28, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.


88%VideoMay 2013

Bill Maher - America's Craziest Congressman #1

(3:10) Bill Maher's search for America's craziest congressman. Round 1: Joe Barton vs Steve King.


88%VideoOct 2013

The Newsroom - Why Will is a Republican

(1:34) News anchor Will McAvoy explains why he is a Republican even though he called the Tea Party the American Taliban.