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96%VideoOct 2015

Bad Lip Reading of the first Democratic Debate 2015

(4:58) Democratic hopefuls discuss the important issues of our day.

94%VideoOct 2008

Joe Biden capable of verbose discipline

Succinct answer during the Democratic Presidential debate


90%VideoMay 2008

Democratic race for president, summed up in 7 minutes

Everything you need to know


90%VideoAug 2010

Coffee with the Candidates - Chris Young

Getting to know your politicians on a more personal level. Democratic candidate in the Providence mayoral race, Chris Young shows what he does for fun.


90%VideoAug 2008

Dennis Kucinich - Wake up America!

Rousing speech by democratic Ohio senator at the Democratic National Convention in Denver


90%VideoOct 2015

Democrats vs Republicans - Y/N questions

(3:00) 60 random democrats and 60 random republicans were asked to answer yes/no political questions.


89%VideoNov 2016

TYT - How to rebuild the Democratic Party

(11:01) Step one: fire everyone at the DNC.

88%VideoApr 2011

A lesson for my Republican colleagues, courtesy of the White Stripes

It's just that you can't just take the effect and make it the cause. Democrat congresswoman Donna Edwards quotes from The White Stripes song 'Effect and Cause'.


88%VideoMar 2010

Hitler discovers Republicans have no ideas

In this recent addition to 'Hitler reacts' series, Adolf Hitler questions the ability of the Republicans to take on Obama's reforms. And he makes some good points.


88%VideoJun 2012

TYT - Do progressive positions help Obama?

(5:39) It is often thought that Americans are heavily conservative, but is that really true?