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VideoOct 2004

Electronic voting system

VideoApr 2006

Women's suffrage

Suffrage (n.) The right or privilege of voting

VideoMar 2012

Ron Paul supporters cry fraud

(9:04) Brad Friedman, investigative journalist and publisher of the Brad Blog, gives his take on why Ron Paul supporters are getting angry.

VideoSep 2012

Voter registration at a Safeway store in Colorado Springs

(1:07) Honesty is not always the best policy, depending on which side of the fence you stand.


AnimationOct 2012

Tales Of Mere Existence - Voter Apathy

(2:47) Some replies when Lev asks people who don't vote, why.


VideoNov 2012

2012 voting machine altering votes

(0:18) Man discovers that a vote for Obama was a vote for Romney.


PictureFeb 2002

Florida vote in chaos!

AnimationOct 2008

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Barack Obama

Scheduled for an episode of The Simpsons two days before the presidential election. Does this amount to an endorsement of the Democrats?


VideoOct 2008

105-year-old Virginia woman casts her ballot

If you feel too old or tired to go to the polls on election day, Rachel Tucker would like to have a word with you.


VideoOct 2010

Everyone loses if you don't vote

There are many reasons why people should express their views via the ballot box, ie. vote. This is among the best I've heard.