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VideoJul 2019

The Economist | Who is the real Boris Johnson?

(3:52) Liberal or nationalist? Serious politician or clown? Boris Johnson could be Britain's next prime minister.

AnimationSep 2019

Stephen Fry | The trick that quietly transfers your money to the superrich

(14:27) Why are Trump and Boris so happy to risk a recession?

VideoDec 2019

A Different Bias | Boris Johnson to abolish workers' rights

(9:57) After all those promises about strengthening workers' rights after Brexit, Boris Johnson has immediately got to work on abolishing them altogether.

VideoFeb 2020

A Different Bias | Johnson tells a whopper about the economy

(9:12) Fact or fiction? Boris Johnson claims that under the last 10 years of Conservative leadership, the UK economy grew by 73%.


VideoJun 2019

Have I Got News For You | Boris' Big Brexit Lie


VideoSep 2008

Boris Johnson on Room 101 - Bikes (2 of 5)

Tory tosser extolls the virtues of bicycling through London


AnimationJul 2019

TLDR | Boris Johnson's Brexit plan updated

(10:57) What does the EU think of Boris Johnson's plan to deliver Brexit in some form.


AnimationSep 2019

TLDR | Why MPs rejected Johnson's election plans

(11:05) After MPs voted to block a no-deal Brexit, PM Boris Johnson saw his only path forward as calling a general election.


VideoJul 2019

What does Europe make of Boris Johnson?

(16:01) He's the favourite to become Britain's next prime minister, but Boris Johnson has only held one ministerial post - a two year stint as foreign secretary.

AnimationAug 2019

TLDR | Boris Johnson prorogues parliament

(11:57) Parliament will be suspended between from September 12 to October 14. What does this mean?