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VideoApr 2006

Bush impersonator

Gobble gobble...

InteractiveSep 2005

Make your own Bush speech

Speech writing made easy


VideoJan 2007

Daily Show - State of the Union VI

Bush talks of strength

VideoJan 2006

Bush drinking again

President slurs his speech

VideoSep 2007

Bush pronounces Mandela dead

All the good script writers have jumped ship

VideoFeb 2006

Bush speeches

World's most powerful man bumbles through

VideoJan 2006

Iraqi update

George Bush exit strategy

VideoJul 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

George Bush's extraordinary rendition of U2 hit

VideoMay 2005

The President's speech writer

People think the president is stupid

VideoSep 2005

Looking back: The Bush Katrina story

The President cuts his vacation short