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VideoNov 2015

Putin's analysis of the geopolitical mess that is Syria (2014)

(7:11) Russian president Vladimir Putin answers questions regarding ISIS from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in October 2014.

VideoJul 2017

Jonathan Pie - Trump and Putin

(3:09) Jonathan Pie reports on the G20 in Hamburg, from London.

PictureApr 2008

Putin goes topless fishing

54 year old Vladimir shows some skin in photos that come from his camping trip with Prince Albert II of Monaco to Siberia near its border with Mongolia (2007)


VideoJul 2017

TYT - Aides scramble to prep Trump for upcoming Putin meeting

(7:47) Getting Trump to focus isn't easy.

VideoJul 2016

Vladimir Putin: Dear Francois, Russia knows what terror is

(1:17) Russian president Vladimir Putin sends his condolences to French President Francois Hollande and the French people.


VideoJul 2018

C4 - How Trump is changing the world

(13:20) Trump's actions are turning the world order upside down.


VideoJul 2018

David Pakman - Putin rejects Trump's invite to White House

(5:53) Humiliation for Donald Trump as he gets played by another world leader.

VideoApr 2017

Three dancing despots

(0:37) Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin having fun together.


VideoAug 2018

Bill Maher - The Party of Putin

(5:31) How did Russia flip not just Trump, but the entire Republican Party?

VideoMar 2018

FIFA - 100 days to Russia 2018

(1:24) FIFA’s keepy-uppy promo to mark 100 days before the Russia 2018 World Cup.